"Just one visit changed the way we used our computers so that now we can really benefit from our investment"

"I had struggled for ages to find somebody that could help me with my computer problems but not baffle me with technology. Active Connexions found exactly the right balance, thank you"

"Our business relies on our computers and we rely on Active Connexions for our IT support"

"Our recent office move was supported by Active Connexions. Our systems were relocated, the network rebuilt and everything reinstalled with no loss of working time at all - brilliant"

"We have an old and 'clunky' database that is essential to our operation. Active Connexions keeps it going and us along with it!"

"We relocated our offices last week, it was  a very smooth move with our systems back up and working without a hitch, thanks"


Active Connexions has now teamed up with eyeMack Design to provide a full service to clients that need a professional web presence, with a range of options to suit every budget. Every company needs to make sure they are well represented on the web even if they don’t sell through this method. Make sure your ‘shop front’ looks as good as it can. Give us a call to discuss how easy this can be.

8 Jul 2014 17:45

Google Apps Reseller

Great News!. Active Connexions is now an Authorised Google Apps reseller for Business and Education. We can provide a complete service to transform the way you use your emails, contacts and calendars. Cross platform support and truly synchronised emails across all of your devices.

23 Feb 2013 15:40

Fake telephone support calls

Watch out for the recent increase in telephone calls from companies pretending to know that you have a problem with your computer! They are ALWAYS fake and will either wreck your machine, cost you money or both. If you did not ask for the call, put the phone down. If you are concerned give us a call.

1 Oct 2012 08:31

Call 01608 730989 for truly Personal Computer support