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"Our business relies on our computers and we rely on Active Connexions for our IT support"

"Our recent office move was supported by Active Connexions. Our systems were relocated, the network rebuilt and everything reinstalled with no loss of working time at all - brilliant"

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"We relocated our offices last week, it was  a very smooth move with our systems back up and working without a hitch, thanks"



Despite many promises about fast or even super fast broadband coming to our villages  in the near future, we seem no closer now that we were some years ago.

BT exchanges are being upgraded and some people (normally those located closest) will see their broadband speeds increasing to around 20MB/s over the next year, however the plans are sketchy and no not include large areas of the rural population

If you need fast broadband now, there is a way for you to achieve this.

Over the past few years a lot of investment has gone into the provision of broadband via satellite and this is now a very real and affordable solution for homes and businesses in rural areas.

Active Connexions is an approved reseller for Europasat who provide satellite broadband  services across the Uk.

Service costs start from around £40.00 per month with options to purchase or rent the equipment. Contracts offer up to 20MB/s download speeds with a range of options to suit every user.

Why not contact us so that we can discuss your needs and provide a detailed quotation.

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